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Fee Structure

Full Day:  $7,000

Half Day: $4,000  (4 hour session)


Fees include prep time and follow up after mediation date if needed.

Mediation fees must be paid in full in advance of the mediation date and are fully refundable if mediation is cancelled more than 10 days in advance.


Mediations can be conducted over Zoom or in-person.  For in-person sessions, the location of the mediation can be at my office in Century City, or the office of plaintiff or defense counsel, per agreement of the parties.

Mediation Briefs

Please submit a letter-brief up to 10 pages long, telling your client's story. The brief should be mostly factual, with a brief explanation of legal positions, and including a summary of negotiation history and procedural posture of the matter. It is also helpful to note any issues you see that could be barriers to a successful settlement.

Key documents and/or witness statements should be included as exhibits.

Please do not recycle your motion for summary judgment papers; MSJ papers are based on undisputed facts. Effective mediation requires exposition and evaluation of disputed facts.

Briefs and exhibits (if any) should be submitted at least 5 business days before the date of your mediation via email. Please send briefs, etc. to

If the number of pages of brief + exhibits combined is more than 35, we ask that you overnight a hard copy to our office address.

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